Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Local students join the 'Occupy Wall Street' protest

WRAL in Raleigh reported that a handful of local college students may not be able to physically join protesters in New York, but are joining them locally in spirit.

Students from NC State University, UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University have launched their own version of Occupy Wall Street protests on their respective campuses.

Protesting everything from a weak economy to "U.S. imperialism" to campus safety to full funding for food stamps, students walked out of classes earlier today.

Tens of UNC students gathered at the steps of the university's Wilson Library as part of their Occupy Campus demonstration.

As quoted by WRAL, student Denise Mitchell stated;

"Apart from the message of Occupy Wall Street, which is people over profit, is that UNC students, regardless of political or socio-economic background, have issues on this campus. Students just don't feel like they're being heard by the university."

According to 3d year student Matt Hickson;

"(We want) to have all of these groups that we have that do great work apart come together and work on the interconnectedness of the issues that we face and how important they are to our future."

Do They Really Feel Our Pain?

According to the NC State University official website, one year's worth of tuition for state residents is $18,427 and out-of-staters pay $31,362.

UNC's in-state tuition costs are $20,660 per year. Out-of-state students shell out $41,140.

Duke University doesn't differentiate between in-state and non-state students - everyone pony's up a whopping $55,690 per school year.

It's unclear how many of the protesters actually paid for their own tuition.

My son-in-law David is a graduate of Duke University, class of 2006. He worked for everything he got. Our daughter Genevieve graduating from Meredith College in 2007, she worked for everything she got. We are very proud of them both. David is now working on his doctorate, and Genevieve teaches French in the same district from which she graduated. This did not happen by leaving class and protesting.

The Flea Baggers pretending to occupy Wall street, and Chicago, and Charlotte, and LA, wish not for equality of opportunity but for equality of outcome. In a free society this is not possible.


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