Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Judge Judy - This Is Who We Are Supporting With Taxes

My prison case load is full of people just like this guy. "Do not confuse me with the truth." This is a reflection of his feeling of entitlement, which is prominent in the United States by groups who are slaves to the government.

What he is thinking is, "...if the money comes in from the Government it doesn't really matter for what use it was intended..." What have we created with this sense of entitlement, especially wth this ...fellow is, a well educated idiot. It is obvious that college after 3 years has not taught him to be self responsibilty. The woman in her 30 years has not learned any better.

The Law of Unintended Circumstances, specifically states a lazy person with no ambition tends to remain so while that lazy person with no ambition receives government aid. Multiply this fellow by millions.

Hunger and homelessness is a great motivator. Heartless?, No, tough Love.


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