Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Alligator Bait?

I thought that when PeBO became president all the race problems would go away.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Notre Dame 88 Still in the Middle of It

...Remember when our abortion extremist president spoke at Notre Dame's (ND) graduation while cops arrested pro-lifers outside? When was that? ...Let's see...May 2009...have you forgotten already? Well, the 88 pro-lifers arrested haven't. They are still in the midst of the persecution (oops...) prosecution. They recently claimed a victory, though, when St. Joseph County, Indiana Circuit Court Judge Michael Scopelitis ruled that their lawyers from the Thomas More Society may depose former Notre Dame Student Affairs Administrator William Kirk... more...

Report: US would make Internet wiretaps easier

WASHINGTON – Broad new regulations being drafted by the Obama administration would make it easier for law enforcement and national security officials to eavesdrop on Internet and e-mail communications like social networking Web sites and BlackBerries, The New York Times reported Monday.

The newspaper said the White House plans to submit a bill next year that would require all online services that enable communications to be technically equipped to comply with a wiretap order. That would include providers of encrypted e-mail, such as BlackBerry, networking sites like Facebook and direct communication services like Skype.

Federal law enforcement and national security officials say new the regulations are needed because terrorists and criminals are increasingly giving up their phones to communicate online.

"We're talking about lawfully authorized intercepts," said FBI lawyer Valerie E. Caproni. "We're not talking about expanding authority. We're talking about preserving our ability to execute our existing authority in order to protect the public safety and national security."

The White House plans to submit the proposed legislation to Congress next year.

State control of our lives.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Micheel Obama and UN wives at a farm

...Turkish First Lady Hayrunnisa Gul, left, U.S. First lady Michelle Obama , second from left, United Nations Secretary-General 's wife Ban Soon-taek, and Republic of Kiribati First lady Meme Tong take a tour of the chicke (sic) coop during a luncheon at Stone Barns Center with the spouses of chiefs of state attending UN General Assembly, Friday, Sept. 24, 2010 in Tarrytown, N.Y. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)...

The women had to chase and kill their on lunch.*


*Not really.

Obama rebukes Ahmadinejad,

"I won't like you no more...

UNITED NATIONS - President Obama sharply criticized Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Friday for suggesting in an address to the U.N. General Assembly that the United States played a role in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Obama called the remarks "offensive" and "hateful," and we are not going to like you no more...

Brantigny sternly

Why we are in the state we are.

Once upon a time Meryl Streep testified in congress against Alar, Daminozide, as an expert because she once played a farmer in a movie. Her only expertise was that performance. She was not a chemist, or a fruit grower, just an actress. At the time I thought it bazarre that someone with so little expertise should be an expert. Thus we are brought to an all time low, with Stephen Colbert's appearance in congress today. Our Congress is a joke.

...Stephen Colbert brought a dose of his trademark "truthiness" in testimony before a House subcommittee hearing Friday on the conditions faced by the nation's farmworkers. The encounter produced some awkward moments and pointed asides -- beginning nearly at the outset, when House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers requested that Colbert refrain from testifying and submit only written comments...

I question these Jacobins and Girondins who haul people infront of congress who have nothing of substance to add to the debate, but then Congress know one thing, how to waste money.

This fall, if you vote, dump every incumbent.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Herr Propaganda Minister Goebbels would be pleased

Original photo of P/Bo and the recent Mideast summit.
Egypt's state-run newspaper has come under fire for altering a photograph to suggest President Hosni Mubarak was leading the Middle East peace talks.

Al-Ahram showed Mr Mubarak walking on a red carpet ahead of US President Barack Obama as well as the Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian leaders.

The original image, taken at the White House when talks were formally re-launched, shows Mr Obama leading the way and Mr Mubarak trailing behind.

Retouched photo of the summit meeting.

more: BBC News



Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The USS Olympia

The ship that returned the first unknown soldier from France after the Graet War is in danger.

..."The USS Olympia, a one-of-a-kind steel cruiser that returned home to a hero's welcome after a history-changing victory in the Spanish-American War, is a proud veteran fighting what may be its final battle.

"Time and tides are conspiring to condemn the weathered old warrior to a fate two wars failed to inflict. Without a major refurbishment to its aging steel skin, the Olympia either will sink at its moorings on the Delaware River, be sold for scrap, or be scuttled for an artificial reef just off Cape May, N.J., about 90 miles south.

The 5,500-ton Olympia's caretakers monitor every inch of its deteriorating lower hull and deck, already covered with hundreds of patches. Independent inspectors have concluded that the ship could decay to a point beyond saving within a few years if nothing is done.

"It's an absolute national disgrace. It's an appalling situation," said naval historian Lawrence Burr, author of a book on Olympia. "She is a national symbol, and she marks critical points in time both in America's development as a country and the Navy's emergence as a global power."

USS Olympia 1899


Here is a question

...Petraeus Condemns U.S. Church's Plan to Burn Qurans

KABUL—The top U.S. commander in Afghanistan said the planned burning of Qurans on Sept. 11 by a small Florida church could put the lives of American troops in danger and damage the war effort.

Gen. David Petraeus said the Taliban would exploit the demonstration for propaganda purposes, drumming up anger toward the U.S. and making it harder for allied troops to carry out their mission of protecting Afghan civilians.

Protesters stage an anti-U.S. rally in Kabul after an American church says it will burn the Holy Koran on the September 11 anniversary. Video courtesy of Reuters.
."It could endanger troops and it could endanger the overall effort," Gen. Petraeus said in an interview. "It is precisely the kind of action the Taliban uses and could cause significant problems. Not just here, but everywhere in the world we are engaged with the Islamic community."...

Seriously, how much more danger can one be than if someone is trying to kill you?


California return taxes to legal limit, townspeople out of luck

I wonder if no one had noticed, how long would the excessive pay have continued. The city manager, asst city manager, and Police chief of Bell, California were paid more than the Prez. Refund? Not! Schools must be given any overages. So the tax payers are out out of the overpayment, and the schools will get the money. I wonder how much is going to go to the teachers union? Just sayin...

If I went to a Walm@rt and I tryed to buy a product at $10.00 and handed the cashier a $20.00, she should return the the change, not tell me it is surplus funds to be turned over the the nearest school system.

It seems no matter what California does it is ridden by debt, crooked politians and idiot judges. But be happy. These overpaid politicians were all Democrats.

OBTW... this could be happing anywhere in this country.

A California city that has drawn anger for the high salaries paid to its leaders plans to repay $3 million in property tax overcharges and return tax rates to the legal limit, the interim city manager said Friday.

The Bell City Council will be asked Monday to pass a resolution agreeing the rate overcharge was illegal and then approve a rate that meets state law, interim City Manager Pedro Carrillo said.

Carrillo said he had previously asked the state controller to look into reports of the overcharge. New discoveries were made Thursday night, he said.

California State Controller John Chiang notified Los Angeles County that "the overcharges were discovered during the initial phase of the controller's audit into the city of Bell's finances. Property owners in the city paid an estimated $3 million in extra taxes during the past three years," Chiang's office said in a written statement Friday.

"While my investigation into the city of Bell continues, these unlawful taxes must stop immediately," said Chiang. "Homeowners and property owners should not pay the price for this poor fiscal management."

Bell City Manager Robert Rizzo, Police Chief Randy Adams and Assistant City Manager Angela Spaccia resigned last month after media reports that they were earning salaries of several hundred thousand dollars each. In addition, four Bell City Council members who were making almost $100,000 a year drastically reduced their pay after protests by citizens outraged by the high salaries.

Carrillo said he wants to return the $3 million to taxpayers but state law requires overages go to schools. He hopes to negotiate that. He doesn't know yet what fund will be used to repay the $3 million.

The city is trying to determine who passed or authorized the illegal rate, Carrillo and interim City Attorney Jamie Casso said. "We want to know who did what, when and where," Carrillo said.

"No stone will be left unturned" in the investigation, said Casso, who indicated that any possible criminal charges will be up the Los Angeles County district attorney or Attorney General Edmund Brown Jr.

Brown earlier in the week ordered Bell officials past and present to turn over financial records and give depositions under oath in coming weeks on the high salaries that prompted public protests and resignations. He ordered them to produce records related to their pay, pension benefits, tax returns, gifts, bank accounts and outside interests.
CNN news


...and 47% of Americans pay no taxes.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gulf oil platform explodes, and remains on fire off La. coast

I have always suspected that the recent BP explosion was an act of sabotage. Today I see that another Gulf well off the Louisiana Coast has exploded and I now believe that I may have been right. But who? We will have to see. Radical environmentalists have already complained about the oil wells. What other way to show concern but to cause an environmental disaster? Sort of like the inmates here at prison, who flush a roll of toilet paper down the toilet to clog them. No respect or thoughts about the other people who need to use them, I am protesting.

Even if it is found to be an act of sabotage, the current regime will be loath to say so. It will be another Man-made-disaster.

If the President is not on vacation he can go down and talk about it...


French railway faces criticism for role in WWII

Is there anyone alive and working for the SNCF who was working during WWII?

ORLANDO, Fla. — A bid by the French national railway to build the first high-speed tracks in the United States is running into resistance from Holocaust survivors because of the company's role in transporting Jews to Nazi death camps.

One of those leading the charge against the railway is Florida resident Rosette Goldstein, whose father was taken away by Nazi soldiers, shoved in a cattle train and delivered to his death during World War II. Goldstein plans to voice her opposition on behalf of many Holocaust survivors to the railway Thursday when the Florida Department of Transportation holds a public meeting in Orlando on the $2.6 billion high-speed rail project, which would connect Tampa and Orlando.

Goldstein and others — including legislators — want the railway, known as the SNCF, to formally apologize for its role in the war, give full access to its records and make reparations...more

Why don't I ever hear about Evonik industries which is currently located in several states? The parent company made Xyclon B for use in the gas chambers.

This is just a shakedown.


Oh that Tea Party

Readers of my blog will know that I am a monarchist. Being a monarchist means tolerance, and the following article shows the left is intolerant (except for their own message).

The Tea Party is a conservative association which has become a motive force in recent elections, and their defiance is shown by the Gadsden flag. This has caused much consternation on the left, the Jacobin side. While the left has been flying Mexican flags, burning American flags and flying Rainbow flags, it never thought to fly the Gadsden flag, pity.

The people of this country have finally realized that the left has usurped the history of America and vilified the very rights they (the left) supposedly stand for.

An article on Yahoo today ran this...

"...An Arizona man is in trouble with his homeowners' association over flying the Gadsden flag, which features a coiled rattlesnake and the words "Don't Tread on Me."

The flag has been adopted by members of the tea party movement for its association with the American Revolution, but Andy McDonel tells the New York Times that he has hung the flag from his roof simply for its historical significance..." more here.

It is hard to believe but this HOA has no history of the United States, sad but true. The history of the flag may be found here...

Does the HOA fear the Tea Party? Probably.

It has long been a feature of despotism to outlaw the things which people recognize as symbols of their freedom. You can out law the symbol but it is already in the minds of the people. Of course this regime has been working hard on indoctrination and thought control.

I personally like this flag. It shows a certain defiance.

Every one should have one flying.

God save the King!