Thursday, May 14, 2009


Spanish 'man' is pregnant with twins.

The UK daily mail has an article at this URL:

Ok, let me get this straight (pun intended), we have a woman who wanted to be a "man", who is now having a homosexual relationship with another man, and got pregnant by that man. I am confused. I feel pity for the issue from this relationship.

The fellow(?) on the left in the picture is the one who is pregnant.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Joe Biden Unplugged

Seriously the Obama administration made a good choice with Joe Biden for Vice President. Biden off the leash...

Joe Biden addresses students at Bellevue Elementary School in New York on May 10th: BIDEN:

"...How many of you kids want to go to college? Well, guess what? Barack Obama and Joe Biden are going to make sure that every single one you who qualify are going to get to go to college even if you don't have the money in your family to go. We're going to make sure you get there..."

See a film of this remarkable statement. here...

Hey Joe! I spent about 64,000 for my daughters 4 years at college, and semester in France. You got enough money for all the kids in the US who want to got to a college? I'll send you my next bill from NC, CFI.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Men of Mystery

I saw these guys on the TV, I never knew they were real! Jeananne Garofolo looks so different in real life...

Which one is the Shoveler!


MAYDAY 2009 Anarchist Bloc

I found this today and I was overcome with athe urge to just smile... Talk about being out ot touch with reality. take a moment to read some of the comments I added.

Submitted by worker on Fri, 2009-04-24 23:09.

From Indybay

This May Day 2009 millions of workers in the US are under attack from layoffs and wage cuts to union-busting tactics by authoritarians who want a union-free environment. Working people are under assault; ICE raids continue to terrorize and demonize the immigrant communities nationwide, destroying families, maintaining exploitation.

The First of May was a symbol of the international proletariat’s struggle for emancipation. Neither military parades nor the ‘good little boy’ marches of the reformist union federations can blind us to the deep-seated international solidarity of the struggle. Worker autonomy, direct action — with no chiefs, guides, Great Leaders or Grand Helmsmen, but organized into our own rank and file agencies — will turn the revolutionary movement into a tool for liberation.

Let us demonstrate and march with the worker's of the world.

START DATE: Friday May 01
TIME: 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Location Details:
Dolores Park, San Francisco
Rally @ 12PM
March begins @ 2PM
Event Type: Protest

If the workers of the world are as apathetic as this blog indicates the nation is safe.

Funny Comment #1... comrade may 1st is on a
Submitted by anon on Sat, 2009-04-25 02:44.
comrade may 1st is on a thursday

Funny Comment #2...You are looking at an old
Submitted by hpwombat on Sat, 2009-04-25 02:48.
You are looking at an old calendar. It is on a Friday.

Talk about living in the past.

Funny Comment #3...That's why we need to
Submitted by anon on Tue, 2009-04-28 17:48.
That's why we need to takeover ;) Sometimes I dream about large scale protests setting off a chain of events leading up to nation wide rioting and finally full-blown rebellion!

But that's only in my dreams.

Can spontaneous insurrection really happen like that or would it take longtime planning for some kind of attack-sabotage?

While it would be fun I can't help but wonder if spontaneous revolution would lead to disaster.

If it ever were to go down due to tensions rising over the economy, war, racism, and police brutality we better try our hardest to make the best of the outcome.

Last thing I want is a horrible aftermath.

Tired of marching and holding a sign

Want freedom now

These people Should be arrested for BWH, Blogging While High.

Stupid signs are now available in Anarchist Red.