Friday, September 24, 2010

Why we are in the state we are.

Once upon a time Meryl Streep testified in congress against Alar, Daminozide, as an expert because she once played a farmer in a movie. Her only expertise was that performance. She was not a chemist, or a fruit grower, just an actress. At the time I thought it bazarre that someone with so little expertise should be an expert. Thus we are brought to an all time low, with Stephen Colbert's appearance in congress today. Our Congress is a joke.

...Stephen Colbert brought a dose of his trademark "truthiness" in testimony before a House subcommittee hearing Friday on the conditions faced by the nation's farmworkers. The encounter produced some awkward moments and pointed asides -- beginning nearly at the outset, when House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers requested that Colbert refrain from testifying and submit only written comments...

I question these Jacobins and Girondins who haul people infront of congress who have nothing of substance to add to the debate, but then Congress know one thing, how to waste money.

This fall, if you vote, dump every incumbent.


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