Friday, November 14, 2008

Just my two cents

Business Maxims,
1.The Government is not a business, it has no jobs.
2.If the government becomes a business, it is also Socialistic.
3.Business do not exist to provide jobs, they exist to provide profit for the owners and/or share holders.
4.If a profit may be made by using cheaper labor it will use cheaper labor.
5.No one is owed a job.
6.No one is forced to buy the goods of a business, and they will always go for the cheapest price.

The big Three Automakers have been asking the Federal Government for an additional bailout, otherwise they will have to go bankrupt.

Does any one have a problem with this? Why should the Federal Government subsidise a failing businesses? What is the difference with the big three and the little three?

One thing is unions? At one time Unions were a good thing. Today unions demand so many concessions that 4000.00 of every new auto price goes to unions. The next thing is the cost of oil. The national messiah is not a supporter of new oil drilling, or the use of coal therefore gasoline prices, (down for now will rise again) the more the cost of oil the higher the price, the higher the price the more society will look for a cheaper product. Unions must go.

I think we should let the Big three go broke. Businesses have gone bankrupt before and survived.

de Brantigny

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