Sunday, November 30, 2008

George W Bush and abandoning Conservativism

Carlos Caso-Rosendi has writen an opinion piece for his blog We agree on this. Here I sit in Chicago at my parents home surrounded by Liberals. They know I am a conservative, so they instantly assume I approve of GWB. No amount of discussion can disuade them from this idea that to be conservative means Republican. It is frustrating for a Monarchist. Carlos has captured my thoughts and has verbalized they far better than I...

We are at the midnight hour of election day in America. Two years ago, the so called "conservatives" in power took a beating at the polls. Did that happen because the administration policies were too conservative, and the country wanted a more liberal course?


It happened because, after 9-11, the Republican administration started behaving like the Lyndon Johnson administration, growing the size of government and spending money as if there was no tomorrow. Hurricane Katrina showed us an incompetent U.S. President, surrounded by incompetent executive aides. One must admit that one of them was aptly named "Brownie". At this point I must make a serious effort not to make a very crass analogy. But I digress.

The war in Irak—justified or not—was incompetently managed until good Gen. Petraeus was given the command and the tools and personnel to turn the disaster around. Gen. Petraeus did an excellent job, militarily and politically. He certainly deserves our grateful admiration. Why those changes were not implemented 48 months before? I hate to repeat myself but no synonyms of "incompetence" come to mind.

Meanwhile, government kept growing. Apparently, the network of national security and intelligence agencies that worked brilliantly for decades keeping the nefarious Soviets at bay, was not enough to keep a bearded idiot plotting in a cave from harming us. We had to move everything around and create Homeland Security. Again, I have no idea if that was necessary or not, but one thing I know: it was not a cheap move.

Then came the financial debacle cooked in the halls of Fraudie Mac and Phony Mae under the watchful eyes of our beloved House Financial Services Committee and Senate Banking Commission. Oh! If we had appointed them to take care of the World Trade Center Towers, may be they would have guarded them with the same zeal they guarded the jeweled minarets of Fraudie Mac and Phony Mae! Too bad we did not think of that! Here we are left with a $300,000,000,000 i.o.u. That is the down payment to "save our economy." Thank you our dear Harvard and Yale MBA's!

Not surprisingly, the American voters would have elected ANYONE but a Republican to the presidency this year of the Lord 2008. The size of the punishment fits the size of the monumental incompetence of the pseudo-conservatives. Am I glad they were conservatives! Should they have been liberals, we could be sending our firstborn to China to pay for the latest piece of crap made in Tianjin!

And finally, this prickly issue of the "pro-life" vote. Thanks to you, incompetent pseudo-conservatives, we may have handed the helm and power of the United States to the most Malthusian, pro-abortion administration ever. The little progress we had made for the pro-life cause in the last eight years, is sure to be steamrolled by the hordes of Planned Parenthood and the Party of Death. Wear that in your conscience, Brownies.

I have one more thing to do and that is to congratulate Mr. Barack Obama for an efficient and effective campaign. Sen. Obama, with little political experience managed to organize a winning force out of nothing. Quite a contrast with the administration's gang that could not shoot straight: they got a country with a surplus of reserves and left it nearly bankrupt. We voted for McCain eight years too late!

I hope to see a few of you disappear from the Conservative Movement and retire. You have money and can do it without a problem. To the leaders of the Virginia Republican Party, and those Catholic Conservative 'leaders'—especially those who cannot keep it in their pants—to the whole Bush Brigade, including our most loyal General Pro-Choice: my sincere thanks. It will be nice not to see you any more.

To Mr. McCain, my admiration and sincere thanks for fighting the good fight and also for introducing Sarah Palin to the Conservative scene. She is like a breath of fresh air. I have high hopes for her. God bless both of you and your families.

Palin 2012

Thank You Carlos...

God Remains King!
de Brantigny

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