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Shutting this blog

I am shutting down this blog, and will be starting a new one which will be called Priest Hole. It will concern attacks on the Faith. Thanks to all those who have read my rantings. Brantigny

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The Road To Schism - The Association of U.S. Catholic Priests

...This week, about 240 priests from around the country are meeting at Saint Leo University in St. Leo for the inaugural assembly of the newly formed Association of U.S. Catholic Priests. Among its goals: To be a "voice of hope" and to "celebrate and implement the visionary concepts of Vatican Council II."

The Rev. David Cooper, a Milwaukee pastor and board chairman, says keeping the spirit of what was intended by the council — which opened in October 1962 and concluded in December 1965 — is urgent, given the direction the church seems to be taking.

"We're not positioning ourselves to be a controversial voice, but a collaborative one," .

It is not going to end well for this association.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Her Majesty Poses a Riddle

Barack Obama met with the Queen of England. He asked her, "Your Majesty, how do you run such an efficient government? Are there any tips you can give to me?"

"Well," said the Queen, "The most important thing is to surround yourself with intelligent people."

Obama frowned, and then asked, "But how do I know the people around me are really intelligent?"

The Queen took a sip of tea and replied, "Oh, that’s easy: you just ask them to answer an intelligent riddle." The Queen then pushed a button on her intercom and said, "Please send Tony Blair in here, would you?"

Tony Blair walked into the room and said, "Yes, your Majesty?"

The Queen smiled and said, "Answer me this please, Tony, your mother and father have a child. It is not your brother and it is not your sister. Who is it?"

Without pausing for a moment, Tony Blair answered, "That would be me."

"Yes! very good," said the Queen.

Obama went back home to ask Joe Biden, his Vice President, the same question. "Joe, answer this for me. Your mother and your father have a child. It’s not your brother and it’s not your sister. Who is it?"

"I’m not sure," said Biden. "Let me get back to you on that one." He went to his advisors and asked every one, but none could give him an answer.

Finally, Biden ran into Sarah Palin while eating out one night.

Biden asked, "Sarah, can you answer this for me? Your mother and father have a child and it’s not your brother or your sister. Who is it?"

Sarah Palin answered right back, "That’s easy, it’s me!"

Biden smiled, and said, "Thanks!" Then he went back to speak with Obama.

"Say, I did some research and I have the answer to that riddle.

It’s Sarah Palin."

Obama got up, stomped over to Biden, and angrily yelled into his face,

"No you idiot! It’s Tony Blair!"

Later Press Secretary Jay Carney told a press conference what the president really meant to say...

God Save the Queen.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Free Speech: It's Dead in Maryland!"


Not long ago, conservative blogger Aaron Walker was arrested in Maryland during a court proceeding for violating a "peace order" protecting public figure and Democratic operative, Brett Kimberlin, who is a convicted terrorist (1978 Speedway bombings) and perjurer. What did Walker do? He blogged about Kimberlin. Although he didn't contact him and didn't ask others to contact him, he was accused of "inciting" others to contact him. (If you are feeling like you are reading a Kafka novel, I'm not surprised.)

This is free speech?

Kimberlin is using the courts to harass and intimidate the opposition. The strategy? Accuse them of "inciting" others and bog them down in legal actions. (Is he also using the police by SWATing his political opponents?) Check out this outrageous story here and here and here.

In response to Kimberlin's strategy of intimidation, I'm helping to "flood the zone" by blogging about Kimberlin and his absolute disregard for human rights and the rule of law. His front agenda (helping youth through music) has been funded by George Soros' Tides Foundation and by liberals like Teresa Heinz Kerry and Barbra Streisand. It would be interesting to see where all that money is really going.



Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mitt Romney Was a Bully

Look, we aren't proud of our high school ways. But it turns out back in the day at the Cranbook School, if you were gay, had uncool hair, were a near-sighted teacher, or weren't rich, Mitt Romney would've probably bullied you for he was a feared "Day Student," a menacing "Cranny" if you will.

The Washington Post's Jason Horowitz has a troublesome profile about the tyranny of a high school-aged Mitt Romney, gleaned from interviews with a bevy of his Cranbrook classmates. Horowitz examines the logistics and hierarchy of the popular kids at Cranbrook ("day students" were cool because they weren't boarding there, Romney was a day student), but most importantly, since Romney is seeking the Republican nominee for president, the way Romney interacted with gay students (he called one "a girl"), how he treated his elders (he pranked one and slammed or "bidded" the same, vision-impaired teacher into a closed door), and how obsessed he was with wealth (“He wanted to know what my father did for a living ... He wanted to know if my mother worked. He wanted to know what town I lived in").

Of course, if you were so inclined, you could draw parallels between Romney's teenaged Cranbrook self and his current presidential platform. Anti-gay, pro-wealth, anti-old--fits nicely right? And it's definitely a shock from Romney's effusive and played out "Nice guy" schtick. But it's this one instance, of Romney terror that we just couldn't shake:

He can’t look like that. That’s wrong. Just look at him!” an incensed Romney told Matthew Friedemann, his close friend in the Stevens Hall dorm, according to Friedemann’s recollection. Mitt, the teenaged son of Michigan Gov. George Romney, kept complaining about Lauber’s look, Friedemann recalled.

A few days later, Friedemann entered Stevens Hall off the school’s collegiate quad to find Romney marching out of his own room ahead of a prep school posse shouting about their plan to cut Lauber’s hair. Friedemann followed them to a nearby room where they came upon Lauber, tackled him and pinned him to the ground. As Lauber, his eyes filling with tears, screamed for help, Romney repeatedly clipped his hair with a pair of scissors.

As Horowitz notes, Romney's spokespeople say that the candidate couldn't recall this or any instances mentioned in the report. Funny how that works, since Romney has been really good at remembering things from his past, even if they didn't happen or if they occurred before he was born.

Important news alert, It was reported today that Mitt Romney rebulican presidential hopeful po-po-ed in his di-de until he was 2 years old. It also appears that his famiy covered this up by throwing the evidence away! Democrats have been reported saying "this stinks to high heaven."

Of course the Sodomist community is up at arms over this... here.

I was bullied in high school too. It is not relevant any more. If it is tearing this guy up after all these years he has more problems than being bullied 50 years ago.