Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"I did not have text with that woman... oops maybe I did.

Weiner fesses up: He sent the dirty pictures

...Ah the liberal democrat admitted it. After denying that he did it, Anthony Weiner now admits -- he did it. What's the "it?" He sent lewd photos of himself via Twitter and Facebook to at least six women. (See here.) And he not only lied about it, but he smeared Andrew Breitbart at Biggovernment.com who exposed Weiner's perverted behavior. Weiner says he won't resign. No doubt he will go on to bigger things and higher office. That seems to be the norm for liberal sex addicts. And you can't blame a guy for trying. Lying seemed to work for Bill Clinton and Barney Frank. You know it all depends on the creativity of your definitions... more...

A real Weiner (snitzel)

I am certainly tired of hearing of Anthony Wieners weiner.


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