Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Minnesota first, next the nation

Denn heute gëhort uns Deutschland, Und morgen die ganze Welt we have heard this before...

Monday, October 11, 2010 Les Femmes, the Truth...

It's really interesting. Liberals fight to prevent conscience laws to protect Christian medical personnel and pharmacists who refuse to participate in killing babies, but they let Muslims censor innocuous speech and even violate the rights of others. Can you imagine the outcry if a Christian cab driver refused to drive to an abortion mill? We've already seen the outcry against pharmacists at Walmart and other chains who refuse to dispense drugs to kill babies. Obviously refusing to handle pork is a more serious issue and more deserving of protection than refusing to kill babies.

In a related matter, the Washington Post last Sunday refused to run the "Non Sequitur" comic strip by Wiley Miller because it spoofed the controversy over the Danish cartoon strips that caused riots by depicting Muhammad. The cartoonist actually didn't portray Muhammad at all, but imitated the children's Where's Waldo series with a busy page of pictures. The Post's ombudsman, Andrew Alexander, responding to critics in this morning's Post wrote:

Miller is fuming. The award-winning cartoonist, who lives in Maine, told me the cartoon was meant to satirize "the insanity of an entire group of people rioting and putting out a hit list over cartoons," as well as "media cowering in fear of printing any cartoon that contains the work 'Muhammad.'"

"The wonderful irony [is that] great newspapers like The Washington Post, that took on Nixon...run in fear of this very tame cartoon, thus validating the accuracy of the satire," he said by e-mail.

Well, this is the Twilight Zone world of America today. Sharia Law today in Minnesota, tomorrow in Washington,D.C. Demographically, the world is becoming Muslim. Study this table from the late 90s showing the growth of Islam relative to other religions. Minnesota illustrates the demographics on a small scale, but it's happening all over the world with devastating results for many cultures. The Christian west is going the way of the dodo bird and every country in Europe is showing the stress of democracy trying to coexist peacefully with a fundamentalist theocracy. Islam is unwilling to coexist. Either our culture succumbs to their demands or else. As the Muslim population grows, we will be seeing more and more dramatically the impossibility of our Republic surviving.

La mort à islam

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