Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tavis Smiley: Christians kill more people than Muslim terrorists?

Tavis Smiley...



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Dani said...

Come on..., Seriously, the post of Tavis Smiley's comment on his show with Ms. Ali is / was taken out of context. And to also add, if you're going to inform viewers or readers, tell the whole story and the related stories that come about; like this:

Statement from Tavis Smiley in response to his interview with Ayan Hirsi Ali, broadcast May 25, 2010 on PBS’ "Tavis Smiley."
"Since some members of the public have responded to excerpts from my conversation with the author Ayan Hirsi Ali, I would like to clarify my point of view and the context in which that conversation took place.

Ms. Hirsi Ali and I were talking about violence perpetrated in the name of religion or by people who claim to be religious. We agreed that there is extremism in Christianity just as there is in Islam and other faiths. We agreed that people have always found ways to use religion to justify heinous acts. Where we disagreed was that followers of any one religion are predisposed to violence. Unfortunately, history has shown us that believers of all stripes have been misguided. As a follower of that first-century Palestinian Jew named Jesus, I abhor violence in the name of religion. It is intolerable under any circumstances. I have always been very open about being a Christian and, indeed, for every program of my career, on both television and radio, I have always signed off with the biblical admonition to "keep the faith."
I have faith that the American public will continue to support diversity, pluralism, and tolerance, rather than finding artificial ways to divide us."

Thx for hearing me out.
Los Angeles