Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Obama bows to Saudi Princeling

He did not bow to the Queen of England, just patted her. After all she is just a woman.

I have not said this before but my angst is overflowing. In his mind, he is showing his solidarity to the Muslim prince, and showing up Miss Daisy. He has continually insulted our allies and cosyed up to our enemies.

by these actions and because he has been in office for 11 weeks with out finding a church, i expect he will proclaim himself a Muslim in the next few months. After all he doesn't want a fatwa placed on him.


BTW the White House denied that Barry did not bow, then the video came out. I expect the administration to remove the video from YOUTUBE soon.

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cyurkanin said...

FYI my friend, I went ahead and bit the bullet and ordered a used copy of A French Genocide for 24 bucks yesterday. Hope you've had a joyous Easter!